Mission & Vision

We lead the future with extraordinary imagination.
MORU Engineering makes advancements with new ideas and challenges.

As a company specializing in the establishment of measurement equipment for tests and testing equipment, MORU Engineering provides product development and customized solutions for various applications in each industrial field. We strive to satisfy our customers with the core value of putting people as our top priority. We will continue to push forward until the day our technology becomes the driving force of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

  • Customer-oriented

    We always think about ways to meet the various needs of our customers and strive to bring customer satisfaction through our services to solve customer problems.
  • Expertise

    We provide complete solutions based on our expertise in various applications.
  • Differentiation

    MORU endeavors to provide competitive differentiation in all aspects, including product quality, price, and value. Moru’s standard is set by its customers, not competitors.